Our story begins with the idea of two old friends, Steve Wemple and Curtis George, to create a new, exciting restaurant concept that will introduce the communities that we are a part of to the traditions and influences of Southern and Cajun cuisine.

What better place to derive inspiration than the city from which we take our name? New Orleans is essentially a “Gumbo” of culture, music, influences, traditions, and food. It is a place like no other. Over time and over tables, people from every walk of life have gathered to weave their yarn into the fabric of that essence.

It is this vision, this idea of bringing people and food together, that is the inspiration for ‘Orleans on Carroll Street. Our flagship restaurant in Perry, Georgia is the foundation that we will build upon to bring the spirit and flavors inspired by the Crescent City to communities throughout the Southeast.

We welcome you to ‘Orleans on Carroll Street.

“Laissez les bons temps rouler, ya’ll!”